Why Accelerate Insurance Network?

Ok, so you’ve decided that becoming an affiliate will increase your business’s profitability. The next question is “Why Accelerate Insurance?”. We believe our affiliate program is the most robust affiliate program available for the following reasons:

  1. We pay very competitive referral fees because we want to create a long term relationship with our affiliates.
  2. Most programs compensate affiliates only on new business applications. NOT US! If a customer that you have generated chooses to renew their auto insurance policy with us, you get compensated AGAIN! Build a book of businesses and collect a recurring stream of income for your business!
  3. We also offer a tiered compensation plan. Generate more applications and we pay you a larger referral fee per application. Try to find anyone else doing that!
  4. Questions about how many applications were completed last week, or last year? No problem. We give you access to a complete reporting package so you can track your performance down to the minute.
  5. When we say no added costs to your businesses, we mean it. We have a staff of over 120 licensed insurance professionals ready to assist your customers with their insurance needs.
        a. Customer service calls
        b. Insurance payments
        c. Changes in coverage
        d. Insurance claims
        e. And more!
  6. We can have you setup and collecting referral compensation in just a few days. Just give us the “green light” and we will get you started!
  7. Lastly, we are backed by a financially stable and very reputable company with over 40 years of insurance experience in IL, IN, AZ, NV and TX. Last year, the company generated over $125 million in insurance premiums.

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